KD is a product of Long Beach, California, who has a deeply-rooted passion for hip-hop from a young age. Growing up in the 90's under the influence of Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube and Wu Tang, KD understood the importance of lyricism in the craft early on. In addition to the music, his own life experiences taught him about the human condition. No matter who you are talking to, everyone is going on a different path and has a different background that makes them who they are. When KD began writing lyrics as a teenager, his focus still wavered as he soon dropped out of school and began to give into his vices. Trapping and hustling filled up his time until he became a father at the age of twenty. After that, his priorities shifted as he worked remedial jobs for cash before music came back into the picture.

When life began to show some stability for him and his loved ones, KD returned to music with a fire that burned brighter than ever before. He quickly began working to polish his craft and became a force to be reckoned with. His journey from a delinquent who was near broke to an entrepreneur is an inspiring tale that is told across addictive trap hip-hop instrumentation. He has a wide range of flows that he utilizes across his catalog with a voice that is equal parts unique and confident. With five independent albums released on his self-owned record label, Timeless Records LLC, he has surpassed over 1.5 million streams. KD has been at this for a minute, and he is far away from stopping now!